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Features  & Series 


   ‘Uncharted: Yukon’ Season 1 & 2 (OLN, Rogue Productions) Director of Photography, Dir: Dan Minsky, 20 episodes, 2019 - 2020


   ‘I Lived with a Killer’ Season 1 (Reelz Channel, KIF Wavelength Productions Inc.) ‘A’ Camera Operator, Dir/DP: Steve Allen, 10 episodes, 2019


   ‘Bridging Boarders’ Season 1 & 2 (City TV, Wavelength Productions Inc.) Director of Photography, Dir: Chris Triffo CSC, 11 episodes,  2018 - 2019


   ‘Devin Townsend Project: Ocean Machine, Live at the Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv’  (HevyDevy Records, Inside Out Music, Northern Music Inc.) Director / Director of Photography, - 2018


   ‘SuperGrid’ (Echolands Creative Group) EPK, Dir: Lowell Dean, 2018


   ‘Hitler's Last Stand’ Season 1 & 2 (Parallax Film Productions) Camera Operator, DP: Sean White,   Dir: Ian Herring, 2018


   ‘Nordic Lodge’ Season 1-3 (CityTV, OLN, Lodge Productions Inc.) Director of Photography, Dir: Chris Triffo CSC, 18 episodes, 2014 - 2016 

   ‘Chokeslam’ (Karma Film, CHAOS) ‘B’ Camera Operator, DP: Andrew Watt, Dir: Robert Cuffley, 2015 


   ‘Boomtowners’ Season 1 (Smithsonian, Landmark Ent.) ‘A’ Camera Operator/DP Dir: Dan Schubert, Steve Allen, Steven Miko Burns, 6 episodes, 2014 


   ‘WolfCop’ (CineCoup, Echolands Creative) ‘A’ Camera Operator

DP: Peter LaRoque, Dir: Lowell Dean, 2013 


   ‘Blood Lies and Alibis’ Season 1 & 2 (Discovery ID) ‘A’ Camera Operator DP: Sean White Dir: Jason Furukawa, Steve Allen, 22 episodes, 2012-­‐2013 

   ‘I Prophesy: The Future Revealed’  Season 1 (Partners In Motion, Vision TV) ‘A’ Camera Operator/SteadiCam Operator 

Dir/ DP: Steve Allen, 3 episodes, 2012 


   ‘Urban Suburban’ Season 2 (Force Four, HGTV) 2nd Unit Camera Operator / DP  Dir: Nicholas Treeshin, 2 episodes, 2012 


   ‘ChristCore’ (Zima Junction Productions) Camera Operator / DP Dir: Justin Ludwig, 2011 


   ‘Crime Stories’ Season 6-9 (Partners In Motion, A&E) ‘A’ Camera Operator/StediCam Operator  DP: Peter LaRoque, Shawn Fulton, Dir: Steve Allen, Lowell Dean, Rob King, 20 episodes, 2007-­‐ 2011 


   ‘Edge of War’ (Partners In Motion, Discovery Military) ‘A’ Camera Operator 

Dir/DP: Steve Allen, 6 episodes, 2011 


   ‘Innovation Nation’ Season 1 (Partners In Motion, SCN) Camera Operator / DP.  Dir: Chris Triffo CSC, Colin McNeil, 6 episodes, 2011


   ‘Re-­Inventors’ Season 1-­‐3 (Partners In Motion, History Television) Camera Operator, Dir/DP: Chris Triffo CSC, 35 episodes, 2006 – 2009


   ‘The Phoenix Agenda’  (Northbound Studios) Camera Operator / DP

Dir: Derek Olsen, 2006


   ‘Orphans of the Sand’ (True Color Productions) Camera Operator / DP. Dir: Trevor Chilton, 2005




   The National (CBC) Videographer / Editor, 2016 - 2019


   CBC Vancouver (CBC) Videographer / Editor, 2014 – 2019


   Prestige FC MMA (Fight Network) EFP Camera Operator

Dir: Graham Condo, 2016


   Telemiracle 30-­44 (CTV) EFP Camera Operator / Jib Operator

Dir: George Hupka, 2006 – 2020


   CBC Saskatchewan (CBC) Videographer / Editor  2014


   CIS Football (Sportsnet, Shaw Communications Inc.) EFP Camera Operator. 2013


   Canada Games Closing Ceremonies (SCN, APTN) EFP Camera Operator. Dir: Kevin Foote, 2005


  ‘In The Huddle’ (Access Comm., Saskatchewan Roughriders) ENG Camera Operator, Dir: Brian Cottrell, 2003 – 2010


   ‘E-­Clips’ (Access Communications) ENG Camera Operator / Editor

Prod: Sandra Olsen, 2003 -­‐ 2007



Web Series


   ‘Empath’ (HevyDevy Records, Inside Out Music, Northern Music Inc) Director / Director of Photography / Editor, 7 episodes, 2019


   ‘Devin Townsend Project, North American Tour’ (HevyDevy Records) Director / Director of Photography / Editor, 45 episodes, 2016


   ‘Transcending Transcendence’ (HevyDevy Records, Inside Out Music, Northern Music Inc) Director/ Director of Photography / Editor, 7 episodes, 2016


   ‘FoodyFreaks’ (FoodyFreaks Productions)  ‘A’ Camera Operator / Director of Photography  Dir: Eric Belanger, 2015


   ‘Back To Soon’ (Indie) Director of Photography, Dir: Gregory Durand, 2015


   ‘Devin Townsend Project – ZTV’ (HevyDevy Records, Century Media) Director/ Director of Photography /Camera Operator, 3 episodes, 2014





   ‘EZDrummer, Bob Rock Edition’ (Toontrack) Director / Director of Photography / Camera Operator, 2016


   ‘Five Minute Rush’ (Indie) ‘B’ Camera Operator

DP: Cliff Hokanson, Dir: Steve Baran, 2016


   ‘Fish and Bird' (Indie) Camera Operator / Director of Photography

Dir:  Justin Ludwig, 2012


   ‘I Heart Regina - Don’t Slip On The Ice’ (SIMPIA, SaskFilm) Camera Operator / Director of Photography, Dir: Robin Schlaht, 2011



Music Video


   ‘Nowhere’ – East of Eli (Nathan West) Director of Photography / Camera Operator / Editor, 2017


   ‘Stormbending’ – Devin Townsend Project (Century Media, Inside Out Music,  HevyDevy Records) Segment Director / Director of Photography / Stedicam Operator, 2016


   ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Give Up The Things You Do’ – Regal (indie) ‘B’ Camera Operator, 2016


   ‘Eviscerated’ – Psyborum (indie) Director / Director of Photography / Editor, 2015


   ‘March Of The Poozers’ – Devin Townsend Project (Century Media, HevyDevy, Inside Out Music Records) Director / Director of Photography / Editor, 2015





Sushi K Kamizato (Keith Kamizato) Director of Photography / Editor

Dir: Dan Minsky, 2016


Princess Margret Home Lottery (Gyro Productions, PMCC) Camera Operator

Dir/DP: Chris Triffo CSC, 2015


WCB Mission Zero “Hospital Spot” (Gyro Productions, Workers’ Compensation Board Saskatchewan) Camera Operator, DP: Steve Allen, Dir: Chris Triffo CSC, 2009




   ‘American Dreams’ (Harmony Documentary Inc.) ‘A’ Camera Operator Dir/DP:  Steve Allen, 2014


   ‘Breaking Legal’ (Harmony Documentary Inc.) ‘A’ Camera Operator

Dir/DP: Steve Allen, 2014

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